Near Brick Lane, East London

Near Brick Lane, East London

El Saint Bono of the U2s jellied eels, anyone? Broadway Market, East London


U2@Wembley Stadium, London, Night 2

U2 go really green for Iran during "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

U2 go Green for Iran

Either City of Blinding Lights or The Unforgettable Fire

City of Blinding Lights

City of Blinding Lights


U2@Wembley Stadium, London

Sunday Bloody Sunday, going green for Iran

City of Blinding Lights

The Unforgettable Fire

The Edge


Dublin sans U2

I'll Take You To The Barber Shop

Windmill Lane, old site of recording studio of some famous 4 piece musical combo

A somewhat interesting doorway, one I'll probably forget about

Oh, really? On some Guinness spittle encrusted pay phone?

While standing in the street to get this shot, driver yelled at me to "get the fook hell off the road"

Where your face plants at 2 a.m. after a few pints of Guinness

Dublin's most famous pub front, in tourist infested Temple Bar


Is Bono a knob?

Sign across the street from a bitter, ticket less neighbor of Croke Park stadium, where U2 played 3 sold out shows over the weekend.


U2 in Dublin 7/25/09

Set-list is a little samey-samey but U2 play w/more energy than guys half their age. Incredible, what a crowd. U2 in Dublin freaking Ireland!


Vino Italiano a Los Angeles

I currently live in Milan and am enrolled in the Associazione Italiana Sommelier level 1 course. I plan to relocate to Los Angeles in early 2010 for work, and to complete levels 2 and 3 of the Sommelier course as well.

By virtue of living, working and studying in Italy off and on since 1991, I have an extensive knowledge of Italian food and wine: regions, producers, grape varietals, vinification techniques, terroir, abbinamenti (Italian food and wine pairings), and earned a Masters in Gastronomic Sciences at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Colorno, Italy, March 2007.

As a commercially successful travel photographer, published writer and author of two food and wine blogs with a large following, I bring a strong creative and intellectual aesthetic to the Italian wine community.

From working in a 400 year old salumeria in Modena, to leading guided tours of an acetaia of traditional balsamic vinegar, helping build a Southern Italian wine list in New York City and working in a shop specializing in Italian wines, I have had the practical experience and pleasure of working with a demanding and knowledgeable clientele

Listed below are links to my photography website, blog addresses, Twitter profile, a published article on Lambrusco and the cover image of Frommer's 2006 Northern Italy guide.

I would also like to list the following people as a reference:

Ceri Smith, owner, Biondivino Wine Boutique, San Francisco. I worked in her store two years ago.

Carlo Petrini, founder, Slow Food International. Spent a lot of time dining with Carlo and sharing view points about food and sustainability during 2006-2007, when I was studying for my Masters in Colorno, Italy.

Paolo Ferrarini, Director, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Colorno campus.

Warm regards,

Adrian Reynolds